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Streetclean - The Second Division of Wasteclean

This is the second in a series of articles looking at the three divisions that make up Wasteclean - the choice of professionals for a diverse range of building, grounds maintenance and housekeeping services designed for everything from public to commercial and industrial applications.

Streetclean is, as the name suggests, our street cleaning division and was established to provide fast, efficient and reliable responses to our customers. As well as roads, footpaths and car parks are also serviced by the Streetclean division, whether it is routine cleansing or a one-off job after a spillage.

Streetclean services include:

  • Snow Clearance - It may be the middle of August but the time to book winter services is now to ensure that you are first in line when the notorious British weather decides to take a turn for the worse! Struggling to find a reliable provider of snow clearing services at the last minute is going to cost you extra time and money so book now and keep those paths clear

  • Car Park, Footpath & Road Cleansing - Everyday buildup of dirt from footfall, car exhaust and more leaves surfaces looking dull, uninviting and depressing. Allow us to transform the area with our range of modern cleansing options

  • Chewing Gum Removal - Nobody likes to see the random polka-dot array of trodden-in chewing gum lowering the tone of an area. Our service gets rid of it before you can say ‘Juicy Fruit’!

  • Graffiti Removal - While graffiti is a recognised art and can be extremely beautiful when rendered in the right place, everyday names, offensive words and crudely-drawn pictures need to go and we are easily able to remove marks made by any media from spray paint to ‘permanent’ marker

  • Pigeon Dropping Removal - Don’t feed the birds! We will effortlessly cleanse any area of unsightly, unhealthy pigeon droppings

  • Fly Tipping & Litter Removal - Litter always builds up due to inconsiderate people and fly tipping is becoming an increasing problem in many areas of the UK. Trust us to get rid of the junk.

  • Offensive Waste Removal - This includes needles/sharps and human/animal faeces. Be safe, be sure, choose Streetclean for this delicate cleansing process

Look out for the final article in this series coming soon - make sure you are subscribed to our regular newsletter for this and other important updates. Wasteclean - the superior solution to environment pollution!