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Streetclean clean Beany Blocks in Doncaster!

Have you ever heard of a Beany Block? Even if you haven’t, you have almost certainly seen and even walked over them – Beany Blocks are those combined kerb/drains often seen at the side of busy roads and, like everything else, they get dirty and need to be cleaned to ensure their optimum function and visual appeal. We were recently contracted by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council to carry out this crucial work at St George’s Bridge.

St George’s Bridge is a large overpass that forms an essential artery through Doncaster’s historic centre. Opened in 2002 to relieve congestion, the bridge was fitted with many Beany Blocks to facilitate the drainage of surface water. Beany Blocks have been around for more than 25 years and remain the most flexible, cost-effective drainage solution in heavy-duty situations like at the roadside, where the weight and vibration of traffic would have a devastating effect on inferior designs.

Comprising two base units – standard and inverted channel sections – Beany Blocks have an aperture of elliptical shape in the middle of one side face. When installed together, the sections combine to form a strong, safe and effective drainage and kerb system. Over more than a decade, the Beany Blocks had become caked with dirt, impairing function and presenting an unappealing aesthetic to users of the bridge.

Though originally contracted for five nights’ work, our dedicated and hardworking six-person team were able to operate smoothly and seamlessly together, reducing the total project completion time to just four optimised nights. The Beany Blocks have been given a new lease of life and, as you can see from the pictures, it has made a whole lot of difference to the appearance of the site in general.

This is just one of the many important projects we are constantly engaged with around the country. If you have a similar project that we could professionally facilitate, contact us today to receive prompt attention, impeccable customer service and guaranteed results.