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Sewer Cleaning

What is a Sewer?

Sewers are a mass transportation system for liquid waste. They carry wastewater from homes and businesses to one of the three pollution control plants where it is treated and then released to a river. Everything you pour down your drains or flush down your toilet goes into a sewer. It is vital that these are kept flowing to ensure blockages don’t occur. Wasteclean have the capabilities to descale, remove fat and deep clean sewers of all dimensions.

What does our Sewer Line Cleaning services include?

  • Domestic & Commercial Sewer cleaning
  • Man entry, cleaning the walls, breaking fat bergs etc
  • Returning sewer to maximum capacity.
  • Fats and Grease Removal and Disposal
  • Sewer Network Maintenance for Water Authorities, Councils & Public Sector Bodies.
  • All of our engineers have CSCS and Confined Spaces Entry training.
  • We clean sewers usually with our Jetting van or Jetvac Wagon but sometimes we carry out the work by hand.

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