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Septic Tank Emptying and Maintenance

Throughout the UK there are many properties and buildings that require the use of a septic tank to store waste due to a lack of connection to main sewage pipes provided by local governments or private corporations.

At Wasteclean we have the capability to empty your septic tanks using a Jetvac wagon. The Jetvac will suck out the waste and store it on board the vehicle. A clean of the septic tank is then carried out and you can go back to disposing of your waste straightaway.

Septic Tank Maintenance Top Tips:

  • Conserve water! Septic tanks can only handle so much water at a time so helping to conserve water will help
  • Consider installing low flow or high efficiency toilets
  • Make sure you choose the right load size and setting when doing laundry. Washing a small amount of laundry on the large load setting wastes a lot of water.
  • Don’t flush or pour down the drain anything non-biodegradable or any chemicals. This includes the usuals such as wipes, sanitary items etc. See Drain Repairs for more info

If your Septic Tank requires emptying/cleaning, call the Wasteclean team today so we can provide you with a quote!