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Root Cutting

What is Root Cutting?

If roots are present in your lines/drainage system, then it’s best to get those roots cut down so that they don’t obstruct the flow of waste/water down the line. Wasteclean have the capability to cut both large/small scale roots within any line.

When would Root Cutting be required?

If your properties has trees and other vegetation growing nearby you will be often prone to having you drainage systems invaded by roots. Also, following CCTV Surveys, we can sometimes see tree roots that have entered through the walls of the line. This problem needs to be tackled as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

If roots are left untreated, then they can collapse the line completely making the problem more costly to resolve. Sometimes it is recommended after a root cut, to have the pipe re-lined (see pipe relining). This prevents roots from entering the same line again and comes with a 50 year guarantee!

When we carry out root cutting, there will be one of our drain camera inspection units on site while we carry out root cutting, mainly to monitor progress and to make sure we're not damaging expensive equipment on displaced joints or broken pipe work.

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