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Property Clearance — Are These The Landlord's Worst Nightmare?

When a property is vacated, for whatever reason, it sometimes isn't left in the most appealing of states. Short of demolishing the building, obviously a ridiculously-impractical option, there is nothing else to do but get to work cleaning it up so that it can be used by someone else (who will hopefully take better care of it!). To ensure a complete, safe and reliable cleanup operation is carried out, you need professional, expert assistance and this is where the Deepclean team step in.

The roots of Deepclean can be traced back to 2006, when Wasteclean began working closely with social housing organisations. We quickly gathered our resources to form the dedicated Deepclean team, the members of which were cherry-picked for their dedication to hard work, ability to act on initiative and proven track record of impeccable customer service. As our reputation for professional quality in the sector became quickly prominent, we began working with more housing associations and facility management organisations around the country.

Every Deepclean property clearance begins with a complete risk assessment and details method statements to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. Our team are equipped with all necessary task-specific equipment as well as the most up-to-date knowledge about safety precautions, product usage and general good practice. Our services are designed around each individual client and so this is not an exhaustive list but we are often called upon for:

  • Needle/Sharps Removal - these present an obvious and serious danger and must be appropriately removed and disposed of

  • Removal of Faeces - unhealthy and unpleasant, faeces from birds, domestic pets, farm animals and even humans is often found in vacated properties

  • Fumigation - whether it’s fungi or insects, if they become too numerous then a full fumigation is the only option

  • Post-Death Cleansing - such tragic occurrences need careful handling and our team are always sympathetic and courteous

After cleaning a property thoroughly, we make sure it’s secure with strong metal screens to keep intruders out. As well as one-off cleanup jobs, we also provide ongoing grounds maintenance, housekeeping and bespoke environmental management plan design and implementation services (including gutter cleaning and drain jetting) for social housing organisations

Deepclean are here for all of your property clearance needs - call or email with us now for a fast, reliable response.