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Pigeon Dropping Removal - Act Now

Often dubbed as ‘rats with wings’, pigeons certainly do not enjoy a reputation for cleanliness. Droppings from these birds represent nothing less than environment pollution and can have many negative effects on both human health and structural security - Wasteclean deliver a complete Pigeon Dropping Removal Service designed to avoid these issues.

Some facts about pigeon droppings and the problems they cause:

  • Pigeons are ubiquitous in most cities and will happily roost in ventilation systems, lofts, balconies, roofs and machinery. They defecate where they stand and, as urine is also contained in the droppings, these tend to be in a mostly-liquid state. A reasonably well-fed pigeon can be expected to produce more than 11kg of droppings each year

  • The birds are capable of year-round reproduction and often produce up to nine broods a year - the average pigeon lives for up to 30 years

  • The faeces of pigeons has an exceptionally-low pH, meaning that it is highly acidic. Acids cause the surfaces they touch to become corroded - this is a particular problem for paint finishes and tar-based roofing materials

  • The sensitive ducts of ventilation systems can become completely clogged and cease to function, necessitating costly and time-consuming repairs. Foul odours, along with contaminants such as ticks, fleas and other parasites, can be spread throughout a building via such a system

  • When coated with pigeon droppings, fire escapes and ladders may become slippery and dangerous to use

  • Bacteria and fungi found in bird faeces can create serious problems for the human immune system and cause diseases such as Psittacosis (also known as Parrot Fever), Cryptococcosis (can develop into me­nin­go­en­cep­hali­tis) and Histoplasmosis (a pneumonia-like disease). These can all have life-changing consequences including total loss of sight

  • Flies and other insects such as beetles are attracted by the scent of bird faeces

  • From a purely aesthetic viewpoint, pigeon droppings are certainly not an attractive design feature!

It is clear that the complete removal of pigeon droppings is immediately essential wherever it is discovered. Our cleanup facility is designed to solve your problems quickly, reliably and with our signature impeccable customer service, delivering a bespoke waste management policy to suit your needs exactly.

If you have a problem with pigeon droppings then don’t delay - contact our hazardous waste management company now to find out more about the professional options available.