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Pigeon Dropping Removal

Pigeon droppings are hazardous waste. Fungus grows within pigeon droppings which can cause serious issues to your health. Histoplasmosis is one disease that can be spread from both large and small scale pigeon dropping deposits and it can be fatal if it’s allowed to spread throughout your body. Because of the high risk involved with pigeon dropping removal, our staff are equipped with full body suits, face masks, goggles, gloves as well as our high standard PPE clothing.

Bird Faeces is also very acidic, which can lead to corrosion of the surfaces it's present on causing permanent damage to the structure of your building or equipment if it is not dealt with correctly.

Wasteclean would ensure all hazardous waste is removed and your property is left safe for entry. For a no obligation quote, call Wasteclean on 01274 595775. No job too big or small.