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Needle and Sharps removal, Faeces Removal

Needles and Sharp Removal

Needles and syringes discarded on roads, pavements, in public areas or residential gardens should be removed as soon as possible. You should not never attempt to remove needles or syringes yourself and you must always keep children away from used needles and syringes. Our staff are qualified and trained in the removal of all aspects of hazardous waste so if you find them, you should raise a request for your local council to remove them or call our experienced team.

In your own household, you should not put used needles or other sharps in your household waste bin or any other general refuse bin or in a container that's no longer needed, such as a drinks can or bottle.

Needles can cause injury to you or other people because they're very sharp. Used needles can also carry blood-borne viruses that may be passed on to other people, such as HIV, Hepatitis A & B.

Faeces, Human and Animal Removal 

One of the main risks posed to vacant properties is that they may become a place of shelter for drug users, squatter and vagrants. Human waste is not only unpleasant, but it also a real health risk via the transmission of disease and only a job for the experienced (and for the not so fain hearted!) All our team are experienced in the safe and hygienic removal of human and animal waste.

Our staff are qualified and trained in the removal of all aspects of hazardous waste. We conduct many large scale cleans of both small and large properties. All works are conducted safely, efficiently and effectively ensuring your property is left clean and free of any risk. Needles and sharps are a common sight in many disused/vacated buildings.

For more information see our ‘Deep Cleaning’ section or call 01274 595775.