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Introducing WCG Pipetec - Our Most Recent Acquisition

CG Pipetec Ltd is a company with a large and diverse client portfolio spanning the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. The company will now operate as WCG Pipetec Ltd and will continue to provide the signature impeccable service that has ensured a reputation for consistently-positive professionalism and exceptional reliability has been built and cemented.

WCG Pipetec will retain all of the staff from the former company, with the exception of ex-Managing Director James Hemingway. All core services are to be maintained and, with a ‘no job too small’ approach, we seek to provide convenient, cost-effective and lasting solutions to the unique requirements of our customer base.

Key services offered by WCG Pipetec include:

  • CCTV services - CCTV systems are essential to assist with locating leaks, blockages and other problems in inaccessible areas. Utilising the latest technology, WCG Pipetec can swiftly and efficiently discover such faults, supplying an evidential DVD of our findings upon request

  • Full manhole-to-manhole lining

  • Patch repairs - for when an urgent solution is required and reliability is paramount

  • Location of underground pipes - be sure before the digging gets underway!

  • Water cutting and jetting units an integral part of the fleet

  • Emptying tanks - interceptors and septic tanks emptied and cleaned with the minimum of fuss

  • Jetting units - designed for small domestic drains; remember, no job is too small!

  • Total, dedicated protection against all forms of environment pollution - keep your green credentials nice and high with WCG Pipetec

  • No unfair call-out fees - only pay for the services you use

  • Free quotations available upon request - no nasty surprises come payment time

  • Service provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - we are never off duty, always keeping things running smoothly

  • If you are an existing or potential customer of WCG Pipetec, we invite you to contact us for further information about this recent acquisition. We aim to ensure that the transition is absolutely seamless and that your environmental management plan and waste management policy remain completely unaffected. WCG Pipetec - delivering quality services, day after day.