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How to Beat Blockages — Drain Jetting

Keeping drains clear from debris is essential and ensures that water can flow quickly and safely through to be routed away appropriately. Blockages can happen suddenly but usually do so in a more gradual manner, building up over time and making the drain less and less efficient. Eventually, the drain becomes unusable and the solution is Drain Jetting, one of the signature services offered by DrainClean.

Drain jetting, as the name suggests, involves forcing out a strong, powerful jet of water at extremely high pressure into the drain. The water becomes an irresistible force that plunges through the drain, either dislodging or completely disintegrating whatever is causing the blockage - the most common materials are grease,fat, food waste, disposable items and hair. Not a very nice combination, we think you’ll agree!

We offer a comprehensive high pressure jetting service to our customers and, using our state-of-the-art fleet of jetting vans and JetVac wagons, can quickly and reliably attack blockages in any drain, whether it is located at a domestic, commercial or industrial property. Our service is designed to exactly suit your requirements and we always deliver an impeccable level of customer service to make sure your experience with us is an easy yet productive one, every time.

A blocked drain can end up causing extreme costs in both time and money. You can help to make sure that drains stay clear by:

  • ALWAYS - pouring hot water down sinks once each week to help remove fat and grease. Use water from the hot tap to ensure that tubular drains and their seals are not damaged beneath the fixture

  • NEVER - pour anything down the drain except water. Cooking fat poured down drains is a serious problem and contributes to the fatbergs discussed in our recent article. You can purchase a small, inexpensive plughole cover that will catch the stray bits of food that are also a major culprit in drain blockages

  • ALWAYS - give the drain a treatment with vinegar (⅓ cup) and baking soda (⅓ cup) mixed together, two or three times each year. When the solution fizzes, pour it down for a result that is even better than with using expensive shop-bought drain clearance products. This may sound like something your Grandma might have said but guess what.. she was right!

  • NEVER - allow gutters to become clogged with debris. This is a particular problem in the cooler season as leaves fall from trees and branches become brittle, shedding twigs. Make sure your gutters are regularly cleared and consider installing a gutter protection device - there are many available on the market to choose from

To find out more about our Drain Jetting service and to get a competitive quote, contact our skilled customer service team now on 01274 595775.