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Drainclean on Patrol — Did we Visit YOUR Town?

Have you seen the Drainclean team out and about recently? Our dedicated staff have been clocking up the miles over the past few weeks, travelling to several different cities helping with cleanup operations after floods devastated entire areas. We primed up the choicest vehicles from our fleet, including several large tanker units and a number of drain jetting vans, and got on the road, encouraging flood victims to give us a call if we could help.

Though many people were looking at an unplanned Christmas spent away from home, our team found that community spirit was still high everywhere they went and that everyone was chipping in to provide what relief they could. Full of admiration for the resilience shown in the face of such disaster, our team got to work on removing the dirty, near-freezing water from homes, car parks and small businesses.

One of the main jobs carried out by volunteers was pumping water from cellars, where it naturally gathers first. As the water was removed, silt and debris was revealed which was quickly cleared to lessen any damage from future flooding. Drains and gullies all around the area were checked and, if necessary, cleared out to avoid potential future blockages.

As well as our voluntary efforts, we were also kept busy with our usual work. This has included:

  • Removing standing water from a customer car park, cleaning the area and restoring it to complete functionality. All drainage was cleared to ensure silt from a nearby river will not cause a blockage and the owner of the business could open as usual

  • Clearing a stubborn manhole which was blocked with silt, dirt and various debris due to heavy rain. Surface water can now drain safely away once more

  • One incident of storm damage involved a gas main being moled directly through a main sewer. The issue was swiftly dealt with and our immediate presence on site was of critical importance

  • Flooding at Elland was severe and required 3 over pumps and a 32-ton jet-vac unit (along with 650m of discharge hose!) to restore the area to safety

  • York’s historic sewers were kept flowing after our team removed silt and fat from a 375mm pipe

  • Over nine tonnes of silt was removed from a CSO (Combined Storm Overflow) in the city centre of Leeds


Make sure your drains keep flowing smoothly during periods of intense weather - choose Drainclean with confidence. Here's a list of the general cleaning services we provide. Call our team on 01274 595775 to discuss your unique requirements as the list is not exhaustive and we specialise in creating bespoke environmental management plans to suit you. Need emergency assistance? Call 07791 403977 for immediate attention.