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Drainclean - Drain, Wet Well and Tank Cleaning

Wasteclean as a waste management company have split the services section into three divisions - Drainclean, Streetclean and Deepclean - which allow customers to work exclusively with the most relevant staff and equipment according to their individual needs.

Over the coming weeks, we will be publishing articles looking in more detail at each of the three divisions. This article is all about Drainclean, the division which offers a selection of services from drain, wet well and tank cleaning to comprehensive CCTV pipe surveys, septic tank emptying, pipe relining and more.

The Drainclean team boast exceptional operational experience in the field of drainage network management and are regularly chosen to work with many major water companies. By providing a round-the-clock service and reacting quickly to customers’ problems, we have been able to build an impressive reputation for quality and reliability of which we are justly proud.

Drain cleaning services are:

  • Modern - our work is supported by state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles including drain jetting vans, jet vacs, CCTV units, diesel/­submersible pumps, offroad jetting vehicles and tankers

  • Versatile - Relining or re-rounding pipes or replacing sections through excavation is no problem is necessary

  • Safe - All Drainclean operators have been trained and certified to meet Confined Space Working and CSCS requirements to ensure your peace of mind. We conduct regular ‘toolbox talks’ and never attempt any work without first carrying out a risk assessment or producing a method statement

  • Comprehensive - Drainclean can quickly, professionally and reliably carry out a vast range of services, which include culvert cleaning, snow clearance, overpumping, sewer cleaning, tankering, root cutting and interceptor cleaning. Our team are always available to discuss your unique requirements and we specialise in providing bespoke services to our customers.

Want to know more about Drainclean and the services we provide? Simply call or email our competent customer service team today on 01274 595775