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Deepclean - Property Clearance and Cleaning

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been publishing articles detailing the various services available from Wasteclean Environmental Group, which are divided into three specialist divisions. This is the last of a three-part series of informative articles and focuses on our property cleaning division that will help you to create a bespoke, successful and reliable environmental management plan - Deepclean.

The history of Deepclean stretches back to 2006, when we began working in social housing situations. With a sharp focus on providing an unrivalled service, the reputation of Deepclean quickly grew and we began to forge close professional relationships with a number of facility management organisations and housing associations, particularly in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Our fully-trained, highly-experienced and exceptionally-dedicated property clearance team begin every operation with a detailed risk assessment, backed up by clear method statements, to ensure that all health & safety regulations are stringently adhered to. We provide our team with all task-specific PPE - including masks, disposable all-in-one suits, strengthened work boots, Kevlar wellies, goggles/eye protection and needle-safe gloves - and team members are completely conversant with all necessary precautions.

Deepclean services include:

  • Needle & Sharps Removal - A property that has been inhabited by drug addicts, often illegally, is a landlord’s nightmare. We can safely remove and dispose of such dangerous drug paraphernalia such as syringes

  • Fumigation - Sometimes, a property becomes so infested by pests such as fungi and insects that fumigation is the only option. Deepclean provide a secure, efficient and reliable fumigation service utilising the latest techniques and materials

  • Faeces Removal - Whether from birds, cats, dogs, humans or any other animal, faeces is extremely unpleasant and often dangerous to health. All can be quickly removed using the Deepclean service, which also ensures a full hygienic cleanup afterwards

  • Cleansing After a Death - At such tragic times, such as after a suicide or natural death that has remained undiscovered for a long period, Deepclean provide sensitive, sympathetic cleaning services. We can also remove and dispose of deceased animals.

  • Property Securing - After thoroughly cleansing the property, our team will make sure it is fully secured against intruders using tough, robust metal screens

  • Social Housing Services - These grounds maintenance and housekeeping services are many and include drain jetting/repairs and gutter cleaning.

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