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Culvert Cleaning

What is a Culvert?

A culvert is a water passages that usually run underground, or under roads to allow surface water to flow from one side to the another. They are often found under roads in and in high risk flood areas.

Culverts and other water passages are a specialist area of Wasteclean. We’re able to clean and restore culverts so they’re as effective as they were on the day they were put in. Culverts need to be maintained to ensure water is drained away from the affected area. If culverts are left unmaintained then this can have serious effects in regards to flooding.

What causes Culverts to become blocked?

  • Build up of leaves, twigs and branches
  • Mud, Silt or other natural detritus build up
  • Dumped Rubbish

Why do Culverts need to be maintained?

With increasing urban development, and climate change causing heavier rainfall and flooding, culverts can struggle to accommodate the increased flow of water. If a culvert is blocked, or even partially blocked, the flow of water will then become restricted even further leading to over-spill which can then cause flooding.

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