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Clean, Clear Drains = Happy Water Mains!

The scope of work carried out by the three divisions of Wasteclean is extensive and diverse, as we seek to treat each case individually to propose the fastest, most suitable and effective solutions. Each division is further subdivided into a list of services that is far from exhaustive - here we look at some of the primary problems regularly faced, and defeated, by our skilled and dedicated Drainclean team.

  • Drain Jetting - Drainclean’s signature service involves directing a powerful jet of water to dislodge or break up debris that is blocking a drain. We maintain a professional contemporary fleet of jetting vehicles to ensure broad coverage and equipment suitability

  • CCTV Surveys - often, the cause of a blocked drain is unclear and inserting a CCTV crawler or push-rod camera to investigate further. Our state-of-the-art, custom-designed Pearpoint Inspection Vehicle has everything necessary on board to quickly identify leaks and a follow-up service is routinely provided

  • Pipe Relining - damaged pipelines can have their flow quickly restored utilising our pipe relining service, which involves placing an inflatable liner in the affected pipe before filling the liner with air. The liner sets in place, providing a viable, far more cost-effective alternative to digging and replacing

  • Root Cutting - living near trees is pleasant but you have to be extra-vigilant about your drainage system - tree roots can easily obstruct the normal flow of water and waste. Roots that have penetrated through pipe walls weaken the structure, potentially leading to total collapse

  • Culvert Cleaning - a passage of water that usually runs under the ground (or a road), allowing excess surface liquid to flow across an expanse, culverts are common in areas prone to flooding. Blocked with sticks, leaves, mud, silt, litter or worse, a culvert cannot function properly and can have serious consequences for high-risk areas

Find out more about the services available from Drainclean. Call our team to discuss your individual requirements and get a fast, competitive and no-obligation quote.