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Chewing Gum & Graffiti Removal - Choose Streetclean

There are many unattractive things that blight the urban landscape, making it an unappealing place to be. In areas where there are shops and businesses, this can have a seriously detrimental effect on profits as customers spend less and less time there. Streetclean, one of the three Wasteclean divisions, specialise in implementing a bespoke environmental management plan to restore these areas to their full former glory, re-establishing their appeal and making them successful, busy and pleasant places to live and work in.

Streetclean is extremely versatile and we have successfully handled a wide, diverse array of projects. Two of the most common problems we encounter are disposed chewing gum and graffiti so we thought we would do a little research into these issues. It seems that both problems date much further back than you might think and have been a trouble to our ancestors for centuries!

Chewing Gum

Humans have been enjoying chewing gum in various forms for at least 5,000 years, which is the age of the earliest known example; this specimen, which was made from the tar found in birch bark and still bears imprints of the teeth that chewed it, was found in Finland and is believed to have been used for its mildly antiseptic medicinal properties.

Aztecs, Ancient Greeks and Native Americans were all known to chew gum and the practice was picked up by European settlers to the Americas, with the first commercially-available gum being produced in 1848 in Maine, USA.

The inappropriate disposal of chewing gum is a major headache for many and directly contravenes standard waste management policy. Unattractive to the eye and a nightmare for clothes and shoes, removing chewing gum as soon as possible is recommended. Choose Streetclean to achieve a professional result every time.


Deriving from graphein, a Greek word meaning ‘to write’, graffiti is ubiquitous in the urban environment. Though it is a recognised art form and can be highly-attractive when properly and appropriately rendered, the illicit scribbles and scrawls that abound on so many available surfaces are at best unsightly and sometimes grossly offensive.

Examples of graffiti exist from ancient Greece and Egypt, with the common themes of names, off-colour messages and political slogans still plainly evident. In modern times, artists including the notorious Bansky have continued to keep its popularity alive.

Graffiti occurs in many media, numerous of which are extremely difficult to remove. Whatever the offending material, Streetclean are able to quickly, efficiently and permanently get rid of it.

Contact Streetclean now to find out how we can create an environmental management plan designed around your unique requirements.