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Beat the Chill this Winter with Streetclean

Plummeting oceanic temperatures are set to plunge the UK into the coldest winter experienced in 50 years. The emergency services, healthcare organisations and professional snow clearance and gritting service providers such as ourselves are preparing to protect communities as the mercury drops, replicating the conditions of the ‘killer winter’ of 1962-63, which saw the coastal waters around Kent freeze solid.

The Gulf Stream is responsible for our temperate climate, the conditions of which are far less biting than other countries which are located on similar latitudes. It delivers a constant supply of warm water to our seas though, over the past year, scientists have recorded much lower temperatures than usual. This has caused the current’s speed to reduce, depriving us of our accustomed buffer against the bitter cold winds that roar down from the Arctic.

A spokesperson from leading weather prediction organisation Exacta Weather said that the chilly temperatures would be made worse by an unusual decrease in activity of the sun. He also said that this season would be ‘of some real significance’ in terms of weather patterns of the future and added that snow was a real possibility before December, even in southern parts of the UK.

All of this means that contracting professional, reliable and reputable snow clearance and gritting services is essential, particularly for business owners who have a legal obligation to ensure their customers receive the very best protection from injuries caused by slipping and falling. Our Streetclean division delivers an exceptional service, designed around your individual requirements to provide the optimum solution during the winter months.

Call now and let us, the most reliable gritting contractors Bradford has to offer, guide you through our range of winter services - our skilled team are waiting to take your call.